New Book Reveals: The 4 Spinal Exercises that could prevent spinal degeneration, and help you and your family enjoy spinal health for a lifetime.

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to maintain spinal alignment, strengthen postural muscles, and improve range of motion of your spine!

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Home Spinal Care™

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  • Spinal Health and Hygiene

    You don’t neglect your teeth, so why would you neglect your spine? Learn simple and effective spinal hygiene techniques that will help you enjoy spinal health for a lifetime.

  • Posture and Strength

    Have you ever noticed someone with really bad posture?  Fact is, they didn’t get that way over night.  Learn how to strengthen postural muscles and maintain good posture as you age.

  • Pain and Degeneration

    Studies show, 80% of americans have spinal degeneration by the age of 60.  Bottom-line, increase spinal health = decrease pain and degeneration.

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My family and I try to do our exercises every day, along with getting our adjustments once a week.  If we miss one day of exercising, we just pick it back up the next.  It has made a huge difference in how we feel, and I hope my kid grows up without spinal problems like I've had.


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